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Friday, February 18, 2011

J'écris en français

I'm learning French. I love the language. I'm terrible at speaking it, but learning it is amazing. I've already started to look for French conversation groups in LA, NYC, and Chicago -- the three cities I'm likely to end up in this summer. I hope I can continue speaking it when I leave SU's campus this fall.

Since I love writing, and I love language, I decided to try to write in French. This is very hard. My vocabulary is limited and my grammar structures only go so far. So I wrote in the present tense. There is nothing original about this piece, but I'm posting it here more so to encourage myself to continue trying to write creatively in French, to play with the language, make it sound beautiful. I think that's the biggest issue. I love to write long, lyrical sentences, and I just can't do that in French. So, instead, here is a short, stubby, cliché poem, written in French, without the help of Google Translate! (Well, I used it at the end to double check my spelling. But the grammar was perfect!)

Sans Titre --

Les arbres sont sympathiques.
Dans le terrasse, les enfants jouent.
Leurs yeux sont petits. Très petits.
Je les regarde. et je pleure
je ris.

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