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Saturday, April 10, 2010

The Moving List

My romanticism inspires me to think about the future. My body aches when I think about the possibilities that lie ahead, and my excitement stirs a visceral passion. I tremble. Currently, my dreams lead me to plan my life as a real human. Real humans need homes.

This is the list of cities I would consider relocating to after college.
I fantasize about them. I stare at photographs of their skylines, and those aches escalate and consume me because all I see is opportunity.

In no order:

The Realistic[s]:
1. San Francisco, CA
2. Vancouver, BC
3. Brooklyn, NY[C]
4. Austin, TX
5. Portland, OR
6. Los Angeles, CA
7. Montreal, QC
8. Washington, DC

The Unobtainable[s]:
1. Paris, FR
2. London, UK

The Last Resort:
1. Chicago, IL

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