This is the Life of a Redhead

Monday, March 1, 2010

Had a very unnerving dream last night. . .

Had a very unnerving dream last night. Now the details are fuzzy, but I remember a man chasing me with a camera. He made this growl, a tick, callous, scratchy noise that grated on my ears and penetrated my bones. I never found out why he was following me, but I knew that he wanted to kill me. I tried to hide in my house. I locked myself in my room, and hid under my bed in pitch black. I became paralyzed. He burst in, making that goddamn grinding sound, and I fought every nerve in my body trying to move. My muscles flexed, tightened, released, tightened, released, tightened tightened tight tight tight, released a scream that transcended my dream and broke through my consciousness and swelled about my apartment. I heard that scream echo through the walls and rattle off my vent. I lay in bed staring into the darkness, listening to my scream fade into silence. I half expected my roommate to rush in, or a tender knock at my door, but there was nothing. It was only me, heart-racing, hands shaking, sweat dripping down my brow, lonely and alone.

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