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Friday, April 17, 2009

New Musing and Flash

Weekly musing:

Passion is not a substitute for talent.

NEW FLASH!!! It's a working title. I need to change it.
It will probably be submitted to the lit magazine on my university because I realized my writing isn't a total shitfest.

The Flood

When she signed her name, the pen burst, and black ink poured and poured and flooded her bedroom. It dirtied her shoes and her stockings, and reached up to the hem of her skirt and then to her breasts, until soon her chin was tickled by the wet muck and the smell became too much to bear. She paddled to her window, and with all her might she forced it open, and watched as the ink rushed out and filled the streets, dirtying the paws of stray cats and the tires of cars and bicycles speeding by. She saw children playing on the sidewalk wail as their gameboys fizzled, and bewildered fathers waited until working mothers came home to console their sons and daughters. She witnessed the city turn dark, and she sighed and picked up a rag, and began to blot up the ink. She cleaned and cleaned, but the stains never vanished, and the smell still lingered, and she could no longer remember how to sign her name.


Anonymous said...

hey renee! i actually really like that little story a whole lot (definitely not a shitfest at all).

p.s. word verification = broose

Anonymous said...

that was such an amazing image!

like your blog a lot too ....