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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sedaris: My Muse

I am going to start off by saying Yes.

I don't know what your question was, but the answer is Yes.

This is a blog.
I will be whining and moaning and bitching and complaining.

I hope to do this, however, in a relatively unique way. Instead of just writing spur of the moment rants, I feel that I will discuss my life in a personal essay format. I've been reading David Sedaris' book "Me Talk Pretty One Day," and I decided that I want to write amusing ditties about my life as well. Unfortunately, I'm not as old as Sedaris, and I don't have as many humorous tales about my life as he does, but I feel that there's plenty of awkward and crazy things that happen to me that would make me a decent essayist. I hope I can dig out some humor and make these tales entertaining. My family never found my writing remotely funny, so I'm dreading that public doesn't feel the same way. The only thing that makes me feel any different is that a complete stranger usually "gets" me much better than my mother or father ever will.

Perhaps another interesting thing about this blog is that I'm not going to tell any of my friends about it. This is relatively easy, since out of the few close friends I have, most of them don't give a crap about reading. If they do happen to read, they limit the genre to some pretty narrow categories (one of my friends only reads war-inspired science fiction novels, and hits the jackpot if he encounters some futuristic setting that serves as a throwback to WWII.). Safely assured, none of them will want to read about my life.

I'm hoping that I'll end up writing some really neat things and that really neat strangers will come across these things and find them intriguing. At the very least, I hope that people who end up hating my not-so-neat things don't feel the need to comment and tell me how boring my life is. On the Internet, I feel that people are much quicker to hate a blogger rather than appreciating her.

I will admit, this post does not count as an essay, and I'm sure that the essays I write about my life will come along really slowly. So, how often will I update? Well, let's be honest. I don't know. My first goal is to finish one essay. My second goal is to actually post it to this blog, and not let this be the first and last post.

I'm going to go now. There is a wonderful woman's rights event scheduled today called "Take Back the Night" that I am participating in, and I need to get ready to go to it. I'm sure any reader has instantly pegged me as a feminist, but in reality, I don't even know if I can label myself as such. This will no doubt be a topic that I write about in the distant future, but for now, I just need to focus on what to write in the near future.

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